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Notification regarding appointment of Registrar of Tripura Value Added Tax Tribunal REGISTRAR.pdf
Notification regarding Registrar of TVAT Tribunal Notification regarding Registrar of TVAT Tribunal.pdf
Notification on reduction of rate of Tax on Tobacco and Tobacco products VAT_NOTF_40.pdf
Notice for reduction of rate of VAT on Tobacco VAT_NOTF_39.pdf
Notice for reduction of rate of VAT on spare parts VAT_NOTF_38.pdf
Notification on Brick Kiln for the Year 2014-15 VAT_NOTF_37.pdf
Tripura Value Added Tax(Fourth Amendment) Rules,2013 VAT_NOTF_36.pdf
Gazette Notification on revision of VAT Rates VAT_NOTF_35.pdf
Notification on revision of rate of tax of Liquor VAT_NOTF_34.pdf
Notification on amendment of Schedule II(a) & II(b) VAT_NOTF_33.pdf
Notification on brick kiln for the year 13-14 VAT_NOTF_32.pdf
Notification related to exemption of work at Tripureshwari Temple VAT_NOTF_31.pdf
Notification on Modification of ePayment System VAT_NOTF_30.pdf
Notification Related to Payment Interest for Brick Klin VAT_NOTF_29.pdf
Notification on TAX exemption the Border Haats VAT_NOTF_28.pdf
Tripura Value Added Tax(Third ) Rules,2012 VAT_NOTF_27.pdf
Notification on brick kiln the year 12-13 VAT_NOTF_26.pdf
Notification related to declaration Cyber Treasury VAT_NOTF_25.pdf
The Tripura Value Added Tribunal Regulations 2012 VAT_NOTF_24.pdf
Notification related to loss C Form of M/S Subhash Datta VAT_NOTF_23.pdf