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Notification on reduction of rate of Tax on Tobacco and Tobacco products VAT_NOTF_40.pdf
Notice for reduction of rate of VAT on Tobacco VAT_NOTF_39.pdf
Notice for reduction of rate of VAT on spare parts VAT_NOTF_38.pdf
Notification on Brick Kiln for the Year 2014-15 VAT_NOTF_37.pdf
Tripura Value Added Tax(Fourth Amendment) Rules,2013 VAT_NOTF_36.pdf
Gazette Notification on revision of VAT Rates VAT_NOTF_35.pdf
Notification on revision of rate of tax of Liquor VAT_NOTF_34.pdf
Notification on amendment of Schedule II(a) & II(b) VAT_NOTF_33.pdf
Notification on brick kiln for the year 13-14 VAT_NOTF_32.pdf
Notification related to exemption of work at Tripureshwari Temple VAT_NOTF_31.pdf
Notification on Modification of ePayment System VAT_NOTF_30.pdf
Notification Related to Payment Interest for Brick Klin VAT_NOTF_29.pdf
Notification on TAX exemption the Border Haats VAT_NOTF_28.pdf
Tripura Value Added Tax(Third ) Rules,2012 VAT_NOTF_27.pdf
Notification on brick kiln the year 12-13 VAT_NOTF_26.pdf
Notification related to declaration Cyber Treasury VAT_NOTF_25.pdf
The Tripura Value Added Tribunal Regulations 2012 VAT_NOTF_24.pdf
Notification related to loss C Form of M/S Subhash Datta VAT_NOTF_23.pdf
Tripura Value Added Tax(Second ) Rules,2012 VAT_NOTF_22.pdf
Corrigendum for the notification related to loss of C Form of M/s Nag Medico VAT_NOTF_21.pdf