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Seeks to extend the timeline for implementation of Notification No. 04/2024-CT dated 05.01.2024 from 1st April, 2024 to 15th May, 2024-23-04-2024 Tripura Gazette (1).pdf
Seeks to extend the due date for filing of FORM GSTR-1, for the month of March 2024 -23-04-2024 Tripura Gazette-1.pdf
Notification No. 19/2018-State Tax (Rate) 196 (1).pdf
Notification No. 27/2018-State Tax (Rate) 247 (1).pdf
Notification No.23/2018-State Tax (Rate) 218 (1).pdf
Notification No. 20/2018-State Tax (Rate) 197 (1).pdf
Notification No. 02/2019-State Tax (Rate) 290_0 (1).pdf
Notification No.06/2019- State Tax (Rate) 309_0 (1).pdf
Notification No. 29/2018-State Tax (Rate) 249 (1).pdf
Notification No. 28/2018-State Tax (Rate) 248 (1).pdf
Notification No. 25/2018-State Tax (Rate) 245 (1).pdf
Notification No. 24/2018-State Tax (Rate) 244 (1).pdf
Notification No.22/2018-State Tax (Rate) 200 (1).pdf
Notification No. 21/2018-State Tax (Rate) 198 (1).pdf
Notification No.07/2019- State Tax (Rate) 310_0 (1).pdf
Notification No.05/2019- State Tax (Rate) 308_0 (1).pdf
Notification No.04/2019-State Tax (Rate) 307_0 (1).pdf
Notification No.03/2019-State Tax (Rate) 306_0 (1).pdf
Notification No.01/2019-State Tax (Rate) 280_G (1).pdf
Notification No. 30/2018-State Tax (Rate) 250 (1).pdf