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Taxes and Excise Organisation plays very important & crucial role in mobilisation of financial resources to the State. The Organisation is administering various Tax Laws for collection of State’s Own Tax Revenue. At present five types of taxes, 2 types of duties, and one type of CESS are being administered by the Organization which is liked below:

SI.No. Name of Tax Related Act
1 TSGST Act, 2017 The Tripura State Goods & Service Tax Act, 2017.
2 Value Added Tax The Tripura Value Added Act, 2004.
3 Central Sales Tax The Central Sales Tax , 1956.
4 Excise Duty The Tripura Excise Act, 1987.
5 Agri. Income Tax The Bengal Agricultural Income Act, 1944 (as extended Tripura).
6 Profession Taxes The Tripura Professions, Trades, and Employments Taxation Act, 1997.
7 TRD Cess The Tripura Road Development Cess Act, 2018.
8 Electricity Duty The Tripura Electricity Duty Act, 2019.