Taxes and Excise Organisation plays very important & crucial role in mobilisation of financial resources to the State. The Organisation is administering various Tax Laws for collection of State’s Own Tax Revenue. At present eight types of taxes are being administered by the Organization which is liked below:

SI.No. Name of Tax Related Act
1 Value Added Tax The Tripura Value Added Act, 2004.
2 Central Sales Tax The Central Sales Tax , 1956.
3 Excise Duty The Tripura Excise Act, 1987.
4 Agri. Income Tax The Bengal Agricultural Income Act, 1944 (as extended Tripura).
5 Profession Taxes The Tripura Professions, Trades, and Employments Taxation Act, 1997.
6 Luxury Tax The Tripura Tax on in Hotels and Lodging Act, 1990.
7 Entertainment Tax The Tripura Entertainment Tax ,1997.
8 Sales Tax The Tripura Sales Tax , 1976.