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Draft Model GST Law ModelGSTLaw_draft.pdf
Format for filing anti-profiteering application 133 Format for filing anti-profiteering application.pdf
Operating Guidelines for Implementating Anti-profiteering Provisions Under GST 176 Operating Guidelines for Implementating Anti-profiteering Provisions Under GST.pdf
Result of qualified GSTPs in reference to examination held on 17/12/2018 240 Letter dated 26.12.2018 1.pdf
RESULT OF EXAMINATION OF GST PRACTITIONERS HELD ON 17.12.2018 241 Result dated 17.12.2018.pdf
Amended Standard Operating procedure on Tax deducted at Source issued consequent to the recommendations of the GST Council in its 31st meeting held on 22.12.2018 242 SOP -TDS AS ON 27 DEC.pdf
Frequently Asked Questions on Banking, Insurance and Stock Brokers Sector 243 27122018-UPDATED_FAQs ON BANKING, INSURANCE AND STOCK BROKERS.pdf
GST system services will NOT be available between 00:01 to 05:00 Hrs on 01st September 2019 due to Disaster Recovery Drill of GSTN. Creation of Temp ID and payment of taxes will also be not available. GSTN is Recovery Drill-.pdf
Removal of Pendency of Registration Application filed during COVID period 139_1.pdf
Memorandum regarding GST webinar Memorandum_for_webinar.pdf
Notice to taxable persons to get GST registration Notice_to_taxable_persons_to_get_GST_registration_12_01_2021.pdf
Standard Operating Procedure on TDS under GST Standard Operating Procedure on TDS under GST.pdf
FAQs on real estate FAQ-Real-estate-sector-0705.pdf
FAQs on real estate (Part-II) FAQ(II)-Real-estate-sector-1405.pdf
GST Instruction No.01/2023-GST(State) Instruction No.01_2023-GST (State).pdf