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Notification No.27/2017-State Tax (Rate) amending Notification No.1/2017-State Tax (Rate) with related Corrigendums and Notification No.19/2017-State Tax (Rate)
Notification No. 20/2017-State Tax(Rate) for Amendment of Notification No.11/2017-State Tax (Rate)
Notification No.32/2017-State Tax (Rate), dated 02/11/2017
Notification No.28/2017-State Tax (Rate) amending Notification No.2/2017-State Tax (Rate) with related Corrigendums
Notification No.24/2017-State Tax (Rate) amending Notification No.20/2017-State Tax (Rate)
Notification No. 21/2017-State Tax(Rate) for Amendment of Notification No.12/2017-State Tax (Rate)
Notification No.36/2017-State Tax (Rate), dated 02/11/2017
Notification No.33/2017-State Tax (Rate), dated 02/11/2017
Corrigendum dated 26.09.2017 to the Notification No.13/2017-State Tax (Rate)
Notification No.29/2017-State Tax (Rate) amending Notification No.5/2017-State Tax (Rate)
Notification No.26/2017-State Tax (Rate) to exempt supply of heavy water and nuclear fuels from DAE to NPCIL from GST
Notification No.25/2017-State Tax (Rate) amending Notification No.12/2017-State Tax (Rate) and Notification No.21/2017-State Tax (Rate)
Notification No. 23/2017-State Tax(Rate) for Amendment of Notification No.17/2017-State Tax (Rate)
Notification No. 22/2017-State Tax(Rate) for Amendment of Notification No.13/2017-State Tax (Rate)
Notification No.38/2017- State Tax (Rate), dated 02/11/2017
Notification No.37/2017-State Tax (Rate), dated 02/11/2017
Notification No.35/2017-State Tax (Rate), dated 02/11/2017
Notification No.34/2017-State Tax (Rate), dated 02/11/2017
Notification No.31/2017-State Tax (Rate), dated 02/11/2017
Notification No.30/2017-State Tax (Rate), dated 31/10/2017